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Wisdom Tooth Removal or Impaction Treatment

Wisdom tooth removal or impaction tooth removal in Coimbatore is excellently done in srisakthi dental clinic. So what is this wisdom tooth, impacted tooth and all, I will explain you shortly.


It is said that people get wisdom in the age of 18 [Results may vary]. so the teeth [third molar] which is erupting at this age got the so called name wisdom tooth..If the teeth erupts  in its proper place in right time, there wont be any problem. But suppose if the teeth fails to erupt in time or erupts crossly or remains inside the bone without erupting, it ll be called as an impacted tooth. There are seven types of impactions
If the impacted teeth gives pain,swelling or caries in adjacent tooth it has to be removed. The wisdom tooth removal is a minor surgical procedure. Very rarely canines also gets impacted. In our SRISAKTHI DENTAL CLINIC impaction surgery or the wisdom tooth removal is done with imported surgical instruments and with eminent, excellent and experienced oral surgeons.


1.What will happen if the impacted teeth is not removed?

First I want to clear u one thing, not all the impacted tooth are troublesome, some impacted teeth remain asymtomatic for whole life and some gives trouble. The complications of impacted tooth are

  • Pain in both impacted teeth and adjacent teeth
  • Caries in both impacted teeth and adjacent teeth
  • Gums problems
  • Prosthetic problems
  • Swelling
  • Some times head ache or neck pain or both
  • Difficulty in mouth opening
  • Cyst and tumors etc.

2.Will it be painful?

No, I assure a painless and comfortable tooth removal. In our srisakthi dental clinic great care is taken for painless injection, thanks to the imported topical anesthetics  which nullifies the injection pain. Wisdom Tooth removal will be done only after the tooth is completely anaesthetized, so the patient will be comfortable during the tooth removal procedure. The socket is sutured after wisdom tooth removal for fast healing.

3.What are the do`s and don'ts after a wisdom tooth removal or impaction surgery?

  • Cotton kept after the wisdom tooth removal should be removed with fingers, patient should not spit the cotton.
  • Patient shall have an ice-cream or fresh juices [not beverages or aerated drinks] after removing the cotton
  • Juiceshouldnt be sucked with straw, should be drunk with sipping.
  • Patient should take the medicine prescribed by the dentist after taking cold stuffs.
  • Patients should not spit or gargle for 48hours.
  • Patient Should not disturb the wound with fingers or tongue.
  • Patient should not take any hot and hard food stuffs for 48 hours
  • Should not give warm fomentation and should not apply any topical applicants.
  • Patients should not smoke and take alcohol for one week after extraction.
  • All the prescribed medicines should be taken without fail to prevent reinfection
  • In case of any complaints patients should contact the doctor immediately
  • If the socket is sutured, suture should be removed after one week.

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Dedicated to the Art of Sculpting Smiles !
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