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Root Canal Treatment in Coimbatore

Do you know the funny saying " some pain are physical and some are mental and one with both is dental " The most throbbing pain next to labor pain and cardiac pain is dental pain, such pain will occur only when the root canal of the tooth is infected and the treatment for it is root canal treatment.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?
To understand a ROOT CANAL TREATMENT, You should know what a Root canal is. Our natural teeth (fig 1) Consists of Enamel the first layer which is the hardest structure in a human body, then comes the Dentin which Is not as hard as the Enamel and the third is the Pulp. the Pulp is a mixture of nerves and blood vessels. The Pulp is present in a canal shaped structure in the root and thus the name Root canal. The treatment done in root canal is root canal treatment.

root canal Treatment in Coimbatore
Though the Enamel is a very hard structure, the bacteria's will destroy the Enamel by producing acids and creates cavities (DENTAL CARIES). The Bacteria's present in the cavities will proceed into the Dentin and then into the Pulp. The Pulp when infected gives pain. some times the infection may go out of the root and produce pain and severe swelling in the cheeks. so in these stages the ROOT CANAL TREATMENT is recommended. In the ROOT CANAL TREATMENT first the Dental caries in the Enamel and Dentin is removed, then the infected Pulp is removed with specialized instruments called Endodontic Files. And then the root canal is cleaned with disinfectants and then the Root canal is filled with a non irritant material called Gutta percha and then the Root canal is closed. Then the tooth will remain painless. sometimes there may be an extensive removal of natural crown during the caries removal, in such cases an artificial crown made of Ceramic/zirconium/nickel chromium metal is fixed.(fig 2)
root canal Treatment in Coimbatore
In our SRISAKTHI DENTAL CLINIC -COMPUTER GUIDED ROOT CANAL TREATMENT is done.  With a help of a specialized, imported software for ROOT CANAL TREATMENT we   do ROOT CANAL TREATMENT with more precise and accurate Root canal Fillings which increases the success rate. (fig 3)

root canal Treatment in Coimbatore


1.What Is The Advantage Of Root Canal Treatment?
''Nothing can replace nature'',that is the concept behind a ROOT CANAL TREATMENT. ROOT CANAL TREATMENT is a conservative treatment, it is done to prevent the tooth loss and to make the natural tooth remain in the same place and perform the functions as usual. Extraction(removal of teeth) is contraindicated in cardiac, pregnant and diabetic patients. If the surrounding structures are healthy ROOT CANAL TREATMENT is done. It can be done in High risk patients where extraction is contraindicated. That is another main advantage of ROOT CANAL TREATMENT.

2.Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

The ROOT CANAL TREATMENT is performed under local anesthesia to manage pain. In almost 99% of cases ROOT CANAL TREATMENT is painless.

3.What Is The Cost Of Root Canal Treatment?

The cost of the Treatment will be fixed only after consultation / examining the tooth clinically.

4.How Many Times Should I Have To Come For A Root Canal Treatment?

Normally ROOT CANAL TREATMENT is done in single sitting, but in case of chronic infections it may take 2 or 3 sittings more.

5.Can Root Canal Treatment Be Done To All Infected Tooth?

No ROOT CANAL TREATMENT cannot be done to all. Based on the amount and duration of the infection and the health of the surrounding structures, your dentist will decide whether ROOT CANAL TREATMENT can be done or not.

6.Is Artificial Crown Neccesary For All Root Canal Treated Tooth?

No an artificial crown is necessary only when the teeth is discolored or if major part of crown is removed during the caries removal.


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Dedicated to the Art of Sculpting Smiles !
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