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Dental Clip Treatment / Orthodontic Treatment

DENTAL CLIP TREATMENT or orthodontic treatment or Teeth aligning in Coimbatore is best done in SRISAKTHI DENTAL CLINIC.  This treatment is done to rearrange the malpositioned tooth to  its correct position.

Just Like you, every body wants to look beautiful,
do u know your smile plays a major role in your appearance? 

The regular facials, face bleach, eyebrow trimming, make-ups wont make u  attractive  if u have an ugly smile with rotated or proclained teeth ( will you look beautiful if you have a teeth like a south Indian coconut grater ), in addition to teeth, small and bigger jaws too spoil the beauty and health of an individual.

clip treatment

These malpositined teeth can be easily corrected by the DENTAL CLIP TREATMENT or orthodontic treatment or Teeth aligning. let us have a brief discussion about this treatment.

clip treatment before and after

1.What is a malpositioned teeth?
The teeth which is not in its place, teeth which are rotated and poorly erupted teeth are called malpositioned teeth. And because of this malpositions- proclined / reclined teeth, crowded arch forms occurs.

2.what are the reasons for malpositions?
Thumb sucking, lip biting, nursing / feeding bottles, tongue thrusting, poor maintenance of milk tooth, discrepancy between the arch size and the size of the teeth, congenital [by birth] jaw defects etc.

3.what are the problems caused by malpositioned teeth?
Ugly smile, poor chewing, altered face appearance, mouth breathing, bad breath, gums problems, caries (cavities),inability to pronounce certain words,etc

4.what is done in orthodontic treatment?
In orthodontic treatment with the help of brackets, wires, elastics  and bands, the malpositioned teeth is moved to the correct position to regain its function, and appearance.

5.How smaller and bigger jaws are corrected?
Without surgery bigger and smaller size jaws can be corrected with intra oral and extra oral appliances.

6.Do u know about habit breakers?
Habit breaker appliances are appliances which are used to stop the habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, lip biting etc.


1.What is removable and fixed appliance?removable appliances
As the name indicates a Removable appliance is designed in such a way that it can be easily removed and fixed by the patient on his/her own. Generally removable appliance is for treatments which requires mild corrections and used only for individuals of age below 16.

There is also Removable Invisible Appliance for Adults. Ex - Clear Path Alligners, Invasalign Appliance.

Fixed appliance is fixed to teeth with the help of dental cements and cannot be removed by patients, age is not a factor for this and all malpositions can be treated. Some cases requires a combination of both and  some cases requires a surgery associated with orthodontic treatment.

2.Why  teeth are removed during DENTAL CLIP TREATMENT or orthodontic treatment or Teeth aligning? 
Removal of teeth is not done to all patients,  it is done selectively for those who don't have enough space in the jaw for the teeth to move and patients need not worry about the teeth removal and the space created, because the  tooth next to the empty space will be moved to the empty space and there will be no sign of removed teeth.

3.What is the cost and duration of orthodontic treatment?
Based on the type of treatment the cost and duration varies for every individual.

4.What are the types of fixed appliances?
clip treatment - metal bracketsclip treatment - ceramic bracketsclip treatment - lingual brackets 

a.Metal appliance 
b.ceramic appliance (tooth coloured appliance for aesthetic appearance) and
c.lingual appliance (done in the inner side of the tooth) 

5.What are the types of removable appliances?
A. Hawleys applicance and with its attachments.
B. Clear path aligners / invisalign Applicance etc

6.Is there any Invisible Appliance?
Clear path aligners / invisalign Applicance, Lingual Bonding Appliance are the Invisible Appliances.


Do u have any doubts regarding orthodontic treatment, plz free to ask in the  Q & A forum

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Dedicated to the Art of Sculpting Smiles !
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